I use low grade brand less apple knockoff earphones and my HXR-MC 2500 keeps breaking them. I plug my low grade TRSS earphones for audio monitoring, when my job is done after a hour recording I plug my earphones to my phone to listen to music and for some reason one of the channels die after some time with the other channel following it.

I have a Denox DNX 3900V headphones with mono stereo switch on the headphone and no volume and call button switches thus just TRS jack. I don't want my only headphones to get broken in the future.

Should I try it? Did my earphones get broken because they are cheap? Will my Denox headphones get broken if I use them in my camcorder for audio monitoring purposes or perhaps a Sony headphone especially a active noise canceling one if I buy one in the future?? Why does my camcorder keep breaking headphones and is it a normal thing?

Here is the box . One of the photos have frequency response (altough I wonder how legit it is)

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