I have a camera (that records video and sound) and a decent mic that records sound. Looking to use the video from the camera and audio from the mic. All looks do-able enough to synch those files.

I can import the camera video into a project and hear the sound from it without issue in FCP. However, when I import the audio file (recorded in Logic Pro) I hear nothing when it plays in FCP. The audio meter moves but no sound. I can go to Finder and double-click on the audio file and hear the sound without issue.

Any thoughts on areas I might look at? Will be tomorrow before I'm in front of the machine again.

So far I've tried

  • Changing the audio file format to WAV (from AIF).

  • Recording the audio file with Audacity instead of Logic Pro.

  • Per some online recommendations looking at the audio import settings around silent channels — made no difference.

Most of the online stuff suggests that the audio is going to incorrect output. But if that were the case I would not be able to hear the audio from the video in FCP?

Not the end of the world if I have to go with just the camera audio I just don't like machines getting the better of me.

  • That is confusing. When you double click on the audio do you have some tracks which are deactivated? – German Dude Jan 16 at 0:33

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