If I have a video file from which I want to delete/jump/skip a certain scene... Can this be done manually?

I mean I know there are a ton of software (both FOSS & proprietary) which can achieve this, some come in the form of format converters, others in the form of video editors... But the problem with these software is the rendering time... Both of these start rendering new image frame by frame, this is both time and resource consuming...

As the mkv etc. are known to be just various containers for video frames, can I just look into a file and delete certain frames? (Just like deleting some files from a zipped archive)

If we can't do this manually is there at least a software — preferably FOSS (yeah I'm broke :P) which doesn't re-render the already available frames?

Any other hack which makes the deleted/marked part to automatically get skipped by any player would also do... I want an average user, playing the video in any player to be unable to access that part of the video... Just jump from 3:16 to 3:54

I have seen this happening sometimes when some parts of a video doesn't get downloaded...

  • I'm pretty sure that you can do it with ffmpeg. Even on smartphone since there is not need for any heavy computing task. Only thing is that I'm not expert to give you best command for ffmpeg. Hope somebody will help – JZK Jan 14 at 7:53

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