I'd like to default subtitles to English [Forced] (refer to Image 1) in MPC-HC, using LAV Splitter (refer to Image 2).

Also, if it'd be possible, I'd like to set the default Audio Track to Japanese [jpn].

Thanks in advance.

Image 1: Subtitles:


Image 2: LAV Splitter Settings:

LAV Splitter Settings

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I've managed to ensure the subtitles prioritise forced, then to choose non-forced English as a backup using this:

LAV Splitter - Forced as priority


However, this does not guarantee it will always choose forced English (assuming this is your preferred language). So to ensure that you will always get English, I have found this seemingly works consistently

LAV Splitter - Forced English as priority


This checks for forced subtitles in English, if not found, it checks for non-forced English subtitles, if neither are found, it chooses the forced subtitles.

As for setting the default audio track to Japanese, I found adjusting the order to preference did the trick.

LAV Splitter - Japanese Audio Track as priority

NOTE: This is not guaranteed to work for every file, there are many variations to the way subtitles are setup. I have just found this way to be the most consistent.

If you want to learn what these symbols mean I suggest studying Regular Expressions or Formal Languages, or straight up do an online course on Theory of Computing.

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