I'm looking for a (preferably hardware) solution for quickly compressing ffmpeg H264 .mov files.

The setup I have has several Edgertronic cameras that are controlled through an API (start, stop, download video, unfortunately NOT streaming capable). My goal is to find a solution to quickly compress these video files on a linux machine before I upload them to cloud storage. Specifically, I'm looking for a PCI card that will assist with this form of compression.

I've looked around and talked to a few vendors, but as a software engineer with little to no video experience, I don't really know where I could find something like this.

Does anyone have any recommendations on hardware, or even a suggestion that alters the current pipeline I described to accomplish this?


  • ffmpeg supports several hardware encoders that support H.264 and/or HEVC. See FFmpeg Wiki: HWAccelIntro. What hardware do you currently have? You may not have to buy anything new. Also, don't pass on x264 without at least trying it: especially if the linux machine isn't doing much else anyway. There are presets that increase encoding speed. – llogan Jan 9 at 22:39

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