When I try to write text over an image, or even perhaps with no image.. I get text cut off..

For example here I wrote the numbers 12345678 and, there's some problem related to the fact that I scaled the text down to '60', the numbers are still quite big which is ok, but as you can see, after the number 5, no numbers show up at all. And the top of the numbers are cut off.

enter image description here

Here is another example making clear it happens also when no image so it's not related to the image, you see the top of the text cut off.

enter image description here

And here's another, also , no image, but here you see both top cut off and letters beyond a certain number of letters, getting cut off. See i've typed abdcdefghij (as you see on the far left under 'effect controls' that shows what I typed. But all you see are abcde.

enter image description here

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