Recently I ripped a couple of old DVD's to preserve them. The original rip has a resolution of 720*576 and runs with 5100kb/s on 25fps interlaced. I tinkered around with Handbrake and (hopefully) found the best settings. The final file is a fifth of the size and runs progressively on 1000kb/s.

EDIT: Using h.265 NVENC

Getting to my question now. In the final product, there are a lot of colour artefacts in solid coloured planes. Is there any way to i.e. detect the mean colour in a similar coloured plane and colour the whole plane like it?

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The artifacts are on the original footage because a DVD used some oldie MP2 codec, you need to live with it.

You could try using a denoiser, some of them can detect compression artifacts. I am not spamming or anything, but take a look at Neat Video Denoiser.


If you see artifacts in your footage, it is most likely that the bitrate is too low. Try encoding with the h264 or libx264 codec at around 5 mb/s


It could be that you are looking for a filter chain more than a particular codec. See for example: https://www.engon.de/audio/vhs4_en.htm#cartoon_vhs

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