I'm creating a timelapse video which contains around 200,000 pictures. Before cutting them together i will do some batch color correction with Gimp. Later in the video editing stage (probably using Premiere) I dont plan to change the images but merely cutting them together.

The current image size is 4000x3000 pixels. The final video will be in 1440x1080 pixels. Should i do the resizing combined with the color correction in gimp or when I export the file from my video editing software?

Does it make any difference?


If I could suggest, use Photoshop to import a sequence of images (they have to be numbered chronologically). There you can edit the sequence just as you would edit a normal photo. Export it as video and then edit with editor of your choice.

I would resize only in the video editor as it gives you the option to change which way you might crop and so forth.

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