I have been dedicating my whole month to learn the concept of isometric design in Illustrator. After awhile of learning and experimenting, I became aware that I need to design things in a way that will allow me to animate them in After Effects. I have learned about two different techniques for isometric animation in After Effects.

  1. 3D isometric camera

  2. SSR Technique

My question is, what is the best technique for setting up a rig for isometric animation inside After Effects? Also, when will the 3D camera technique be a better solution than the SSR technique and when will the SSR technique be a better solution than the 3D camera technique?

  • I have the exact same question! I'm guessing the answer revolves (no pun intended) around rotation - if you require it then the 3D method is going to be easier. I'm wondering if there is any benefit in combining both methods? – whateverman Jan 8 at 14:01

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