I am trying to add Copyright info(YouTube Standard License) to the File metadata of the Original YouTube video, I created ,so that the Copyright is clear just by looking at the files details.
However,after trying out multiple ways ,I couldn't get the Copyright info to be added to the video file's metadata.

1.Editing File Properties in Windows 10
Window10 gives users the access to add/edit metadata to media files(author,company etc) by accesing it's properties (file - rightclick -properties-details).Copyright MetadataHowever, Windows10 does not allow the ability to add Copyright information to the file. How can one override this limitation?

2.Adding Copyright through Videoeditor
I use Powerdirector (not sure if this applies to other videoeditors ) and in it , under Project properties there are fields provided to add properties like Author,Category,Company however there is no field for adding Copyright Info.

3.Hiring a Lawyer
On a sidenote ,as per this video copyright can only be done by hiring a lawyer firm.
However,this is far advanced and doesn't serve the purpose of adding Copyright info to the Video's metadata.

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