I'm currently looking for scenes when I can compare effects of HDR. I have couple of films on BR in 2 versions - one in HDR, second in SDR. My heuristic is to look 2 kinds of scene:

  • very bright scene in background, and in very first plan I can see and object - e.g. looking through window during sunny day, with a large object in very first plan

  • very dark scene with a couple of small bright points - e.g. street at night with street lights

I think that all, but maybe you have better idea?

In other words, how find good scenes where HDR results are easy to detect?

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  • Sunsets and Sunrises

  • Battle scenes with fire

  • indoor dark scenes with source of light (window during day, lamp during evening)

  • concerts

  • disco (problems with moving objects...)

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