I'm wondering why my desktop workstation render too slow the video on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019.

I tried to edit (cut, music, simple graphics) video of 15 minutes. But when it renders, it takes more than 1 hour.

Here is my specs:

  1. I7-8700k 3.7 GHz
  2. Ram 16 GB ddr4 2133
  3. Samsung ssd m2 nvme 256 GB
  4. Kingston 120 GB SSD
  5. Toshiba 1 TB
  6. Motherboard : MSI z370 gaming m5
  7. Watercooling thermatalk

The only thing I doubt in is, I do not have a graphic card as I know it's not very important in video editing and 2D as a CPU.

Please give me a solution, or where is the problem?

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Have you read Adobe's system requirements for Premiere Pro? I think you'll find that a GPU is absolutely crucial for Premiere renders. Looking at your specs you seem to have got everything fairly well specced up except for the one thing that will massively decrease your render times for PP.

TL;DR: get the best GPU you can afford.

  • Well after a week of research, you are right, thanks brother
    – walidz
    Oct 28, 2019 at 8:45

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