Im a GoPro Omni user, I purchased it (for around £4k i think it was) when GoPro first released it in 2016 and it came with AutoPano Video Pro 2.3 to perform the stitching. I don't use the camera often anymore, but recently decided to take a few hours of video footage with it, with a view to upgrading to AutoPan Video Pro 3.0 or 4.0 to take advantage of the DWARP feature which reportedly automates much of the stitching for the Omni rig.

I discovered today GoPro in their wisdom bought Kolor who make that software but have now closed it down, meaning it not possible to upgrade!

I raised it with customer service, they said, "buy the GoPro Fusion MAX!!", I'm now trying to escalate the issue with them.

I don't work in Video Production, so i'm hoping this community can offer some suggestions for stitiching the GoPro Omni footage (6 Hero 4 blacks) using an alternative software that may be more user friendly than AVP 2.3.

The camera is static on a tripod in all the footage, there is very little movement as they are nature landscapes, if that simplifies things?


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