I was looking for a DSLR camera to record videos. My aim is to record videos to make films and music videos. I know there are many factors that are independent of the camera to make videos with a 'cinematic' look, but I was looking for a camera that would be close to recording like this:

Some people recommended me the Canon 80D. I watched some review videos and I liked it very much. Even in low light, it recorded with a lot of quality (this is very important to me). It also recorded in slow motion.

But recently I was told that for video it was better to use the Canon m50. I was surprised since I did not heard about this camera and no one recommended it to me before (and, of course, no one told me that it recorded better than the Canon 80D).

I've seen some video tests in youtube of both cameras and they record in similar quality. But I have the feeling that the 80D records with slightly better quality. Also, the image of the 80D is a little darker and because of that, whenever a video is recorded with sunlight, you can distinguish more objects while in the m50 everything is excessively bright and for some seconds all you can see is white. At least that was my first impression...

Also I have seen a comparison between the Canon 80D and a Hollywood camera

, and while the canon obviously records with lower quality, I am still happy with the result. But I have not found any similar comparison with a m50.

I've also read that the m50 is more used for recording video vlogs, while the 80D is used for more professional/'cinematic' video projects.

But one the other side, the m50 records in 4k while the 80D records in full HD, (although I have found a review that indicates that the 80D records with better video quality). Also, I have read that the m50 records better in slow motion and has automatic focus.

So, which is the best option? Which camera records with higher quality? Which camera is best for video?

And finally, if the m50 is a better option, why is it cheaper than the 80D?

  • Look for some youtube reviews. – Rafael Sep 30 '19 at 2:59

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