So, I'm in Final Cut Pro, and I'm editing with two camera angles.

I cut from angle A to angle B. I know that if I crop an angle that plays to the end of the video, it will be like that for the entire video and I don't want that, so I cut back to angle A before I go in to crop angle B.

Once angle B has been cropped, I went to the later cut to angle A and found that the video has been replaced with black. I went to the angle A cut before the cropped portion and that was also black. Sometimes, the cropped portion will not even be cropped the way I wanted it to. To fix it I have to Command+Z undo until the entire cutting and cropping process is completely undone.

This is an inconsistent problem, so I'm assuming that it is the user error? What am I doing that could be causing this, and how should I do it to prevent it?

I'm not particularly comfortable with Macintosh, MacOS, or Apple devices (I use a PC as my PC, this is on a machine owned by the company I work for), so I might not be familiar with some basic troubleshooting that could be considered obvious.

  • Welcome! When you say crop, do you mean that you covered part of the video so that you see less filling the screen than originally, like when you crop a picture to cut out something you don't want to see? Or do you mean that you shortened the length of the clip? If you are talking about the latter, that's trimming, not cropping. – Michael Liebman Sep 17 '19 at 22:59

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