I have a test set-up where in PC-A I have a mpeg-dash media server. From PC-B (connected to PC-A via LAN) I access the media of PC-A. I use google chrome extension thru which I am playing the manifest.mpd on PC-B. I also vary the bandwidth of transmission using the utility provided by google chrome and I can see that at high bandwidth higher resolution file is requested by the PC-B and vice-versa. In the process I also capture the traffic between PC-A and PC-B thru wireshark. In the wireshark trace file I can clearly see that PC-B requests higher resolution file as I increase the bandwidth.

My question is that

Case-1: Does PC-B evaluates the network bandwidth and then request higher resolution from PC-A.


Case-2: Does PC-B evaluates the network bandwidth, "COMMUNICATES THE BANDWIDTH TO PC-A" and then request higher resolution from PC-A.

In the wireshark trace I could see only GET requests by PC-B for different video resolutions but cudn't find any information where the bandwidth of the network is communicated between PC-A and PC-B. This makes me feel Case-1 is true.

I have attached the wireshark file for reference. PC-B ( is client and PC-A ( is server. Here is the link to download. https://github.com/SumitSnT/Temp_data/blob/master/mpeg_dash_work.pcapng

I am a beginner in this area, so apology if the answer is very trivial. Regards Sumit

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