On Windows, I've used Solveig Multimedia Video Splitter and it will cut the video on exactly the time range listed (example: 00:11:34.004 to 00:34:45.005)

I've tried a freeware app LosslessCut (which uses FFmpeg) and it only trims cuts on the B-frames I think.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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If you're looking to only trim videos, I would recommend checking out ffmpeg. It's easy to use from the mac terminal and is able to trim videos with -ss and -t. For downloads and documentation visit:



enter image description hereIf you want something free and pretty easy which has visual display as well: Blender

There are loads of tutorials on Youtube how to use this program for various reasons.

It's main usage is 3D Modelling and Rendering, but it also has a very good video editing section, which uses ffmpeg for export compression.

It handles both B-frames, frames and ss:mm:hh.

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