I have several long video files that I need to edit (remove some initial parts, breaks and dead moments) and I always got errors when I try to save / export the edited file in mp4. The

pcm_f32le: codec not currently supported in container mp4

message shows when I try to save the edited file in VirtualDub2 (the original file was converted from wmv by VirtualDub2). I can edit an avi file (with 4:26 minutes and 914 Mb) but the edited avi is bigger (3:22 minutes and 2.3 Gb).

I have several Webex sessions (each with 4 – 5 hours) in arf and wmv format (I export using cisco Network Recording Player application).

The WMV files have the ASF (Active Streaming Format) container format, video 1440×768, 25 fps wmv3 video codec, yuv420p, 1000 Kb/sec bitrate. The audio is in stereo s16p, 44.100 Hz, 1152 kb/sec bitrate.

I also can convert the files with VirtualDub2 to mpg4 or Xvid minconverter to avi.

If I use VirtualDub2, the mp4 have the QuickTime/Mov container format, video 1440×768, with h264 video codec, 2.29 fps average, yuv420p (709) and the aac audio codec, stereo fltp, 33 kHz, 50 kb/sec bitrate.

If I use Xvid, the avi (Audio Video Interleaved) container have video 1440×768, mpeg4 video codec, yuv420p, 5 fps and mp3 audio, stereo s16p, 44.100 Hz, 128 kb/sec bitrate.

The unedited video export sizes are similar:

304 Mb arf is converted in a 801 Mb wmv that is compressed into a 509 mb avi or a 506 mb mp4 file.

What is wrong? What settings / log files should i preset/check/validate?

  • I am using windows 10 64 bits Sep 4, 2019 at 13:30

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Issue is with the audio track, which needs to be converted/compressed.



for steps on how to avoid this issue.


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