I have two video files:

  1. High quality video / English voiceover
  2. Lower quality video / My language voiceover

These 2 files contains same video, but has different times (one is usually 5% slower or faster, or contains longer intro/outro — like TV logo etc).

I am looking for tool, which would be able to sync voiceover in my language, so it will be able to be added as another audio channel into high quality video file. Doing this manually or just by stretching audio to different FPS is not always possible, because one might have longer “blackouts” in between, TV logo at beginning etc.

Is there such a tool? In theory, it should be easily possible with today's algorithms, because video image, even though different quality and TV logo present/not present can be used as guaranteed key to find time differences for every frame and then editing audio to match new frame times.

  • Most synching algorithms use the audio to do the synching, rather than the video. You could separate the audio into clips by using silence detection, then sync each of these clips individually. Sox might be able to do it, certainly the splitting part – stib Aug 26 '19 at 1:31

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