I have over 100 videos, each around 5-10 minutes long. From each video, I might only need two or three clips that last maybe 10 seconds at most. I want to create a montage out of all these videos using only small snippets from each video.

This is the first time I've ever done something like this. What I planned to do was to extract each clip from their respective video and then use that clip for the montage. This is mostly to save space and to avoid having a huge project file with many different cut up videos, as I barely need even 5% of all the videos I have.

However, I'm concerned the quality will be lessened when I cut up the videos like that first. Is that in general a valid concern if all you're doing is cutting up videos with no editing? Or is that handled differently by different video editors?

(I'm using Hitfilm Express btw.)

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