What is the most efficient video file I can save for a video that only has two still images during the entire video.

I'm trying to make a 22 minute video that contains only the following:

  1. 115MB wav audio file (that gets down to 6MB when converted to mp3)
  2. Two 1MB png images.

I want the video to be perfect quality. I see no reason not to display the two images losslessly. I don't mind if the audio is lossy, as long as I can't tell the difference.

The problem is, every way I save this video in OpenShot, the file is 667MB. To me it seems like there'd be a more efficient file I could save to given that the same two frames are repeated through the entire video.

I always hear about new video formats that can compress video better than prior formats, and yet I can't seem to find one that does (what seems to be) the most simple compression you can imagine (compressing exactly duplicate frames that repeat throughout the entire video).

What are some more efficient options. I have a super slow upload speed where I'm at, and I'm just trying to upload the video to youtube without waiting 2 hours to upload a 667MB file.

Update: I finally uploaded the video as a 667MB webm file. However, the question still remains. Given the fact that the video only contains two still images, there should be a much more efficient way to have the same quality at a file size no bigger than 10MB.

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