I am using Adobe Premiere 2019 to create a video for a small event. The video is basically a series of images, and with each image, there is a caption on top.

The way it is setup is as follows:

  1. Insert images one after the other on the V1 line of the timeline.

  2. Create a new caption (File -> New -> Captions -> Open Captions) that spreads across all images above (on the V2 line of the timeline).

  3. On the captions container, I added caption entries to make comments about each image.

So far, everything is great.

Then, I realized I have to add an image in the middle of all images. So, I used "Command+mouse drag" ("ctrl + mouse drag" in windows) to insert the image and shift ever other image on the timeline. This shifted all images (along with their caption items) on the timeline, and inserted the new image.

I went back to the captions container, and tried to insert a caption for the recently added image, and at that point, I encountered a problem. It appears that the image captions are not shifted. I mean, on the timeline, they appear to have shifted, but the times on the captions window are still the same and I am unable to insert a new caption for the new image.

How can I add a new caption for the new image?


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