I recently shot a trip for a group of kids that went to the USA . Not knowing any better, I shot everything at 59.94 fps so I could slow it down later if I wanted to. I recently started editing and I have been having some issues. I did read up on Creativecow so I know where I went wrong and what possible work-arounds are but still have some questions.

Question 1

My timeline is 29.97. The 50% slow motion obviously works great but when I want to play the 59.94 clip at realtime, it looks strange and unnatural. I understand that this is due to a lack of motion blur and I did find a way to add it back in and make it look more natural in After Effects (motion blur and shutter angle).

My question is: is there a better way to get a more natural look (maybe natively within premiere pro instead of replacing the clip with an After Effects comp)? I realize your advice is "shoot in the correct frame rate", but this is where we are and I am trying to make the most out of this learning experience.

I uploaded a raw clip as a way of illustrating the issue. This is a clip shot in 59.94 fps on a 29.97 fps timeline. The first one looks unnatural as it's playing at 100 % speed, the second one looks better as it is slowed down.

Question 2

Also - how to those cinematic youtube travel video's mix their frame rates? I always thought they just shot everything in slow mo and then figured it out later. Are they actually skipping back and forth between settings on their camera? Or is there an easier way to do it?

My question came from watching the following travel video - at 1:43 they have a 60 fps clip playing at 100 % and then slow it down to about 50 % and he told me this was done on a 30 fps timeline. Yet his 100 % speed does not look unnatural when compared to mine. Thoughts on why it would look unnatural in my clip but not in his?

Any help is appreciated!

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