I have a Vuze XR camera, which can capture 3D videos in 180°, and I'd like to compose a VR180 movie for YouTube by joining several clips using free tools.

I'm almost there, but my supposedly 180° video is turning out 360° with some sort of mirror image on the other side, and the video is initialized right into the stitch of the two sides, so I need to rotate it 90° to view it properly.

My process so far is: 1) capture clips 2) use Vuze VR Studio to export each clip to the default YouTube format (if I upload this one directly it shows correctly on YouTube, although I had some issues with the timeline) 3) use DaVinci Resolve to create video with several clips 4) use VR180 Creator to add metadata (from the GUI I didn't select any of the checkboxes)

Here is an example: before the metadata I get a normal rectangular video with left and right eyes; while by adding metadata it correctly identifies as a VR video that I can move around and watch with a VR headset, but it's 360° and by default it is positioned with the edge of the 180° image on the center.

Any ideas on how I can fix this or suggestions of other free tools (Linux, Windows or Mac) that I could use to correctly edit the videos?

  • I'm still trying to get this to work. I was actually using spatial media to inject metadata. With VR creator the error I get is "Video dimensions must be set for v1 metadata injection". – Bani Sep 23 '19 at 21:21

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