I am digitalizing Super 8 film with a dedicated Somikon scanner.

It outputs H264 - MPEG-4 AVC films in 4/3 (1440x1080). When I open these films directly with VLC, there are displayed in 4/3, which is fine.

Then I add them in Sony Vegas Pro 12 to edit/modify them, but Vegas Pro believes that they are 16/9 clips: although the Project [Projet] and Visualization [Visualisation] fields are in 4/3, the Display [Affichage] is in 16/9 (600x338) by default:Display in 16/9

I have to uncheck the Simulate the peripheral image ratio [Simuler le format d'image du périphérique] item to get back the original 4/3 aspect ratio: Display back in 4/3

When I render the project, Vegas generates a video in 4/3 with the right resolution (1440x1080), but the video player sofwares (VLC for example, see capture below) believe it should be displayed with a 16/9 aspect ratio.

Correct resolution

But wrong default aspect ratio

In conclusion, the resolution is good all along, but the default aspect ratio is wrongly set to 16/9 by/in Vegas Pro.

Is there a way to avoid that in the first place?

Or is there a way to correct it afterwards (once the rendered file is created)?

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I did not manage to solve the source problem, but I found how to overcome the consequences.

It is indeed possible to edit the aspect ratio of the rendered video using ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i <INPUT_FILE> -aspect 4:3 -c copy <OUTPUT_FILE>
  • I re-wrap containers all the time so my fussy Vegas install will play nice with them. This command moves really fast, right? So that makes it a good solution.
    – user3643
    Jul 17, 2019 at 7:44

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