I have a strange problem where my audio is very low, muffled and distored after exporting it from premiere pro. I tried a huge amount of export settings with different bitrates and and sample rates but nothing fixes it. (Always H.264 for video and AAC for the audio)

I have to note that the problem appears not to everyone. On my mac and smartphone it sounds fine, when others play it on their devices over social media it sounds horrible. How can that be?

Filming and audio recording was done with the Sony a6300 and boom mic. Recorded audio has 2 channels at a sample rate of 48000khz.

Has someone a suggestion for this problem?


That is very strange indeed. What kind of effects are you using on your audio? I suspect that is might have something do to with 5.1 surround sound or some stereo-splitting that certain speakers can handle and some can't. Try exporting the audio only and then mixing it down to double mono on both channels and see if that helps.

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