I have working streaming solution: stream is generated via obs classic, sent to nginx-rtmp server and played via hls.js player.

I would like to extend the solution to display arbitrary data feed in the same HTML page and I am looking for ideas how to do it. The data feed would be generated by my application.

Option 1) Include data into flv stream somehow (probably via ffmpeg) and extract them somehow in hls.js

Option 2) Make OBS to add timestamps with real time into the stream (maybe it already does - I am not sure), generate my own stream of timestamped tags and extract from hls.js timecode that is actually played.

Option 2b) As I am recoding RTMP into HLS and nginx-rtmp is naming the chunks with the real time I could extract the real time timecode from the chunk name. But it seems to be too complicated and error prone...

Option 3) Somehow use subtitles - I do not like the idea using something for something that it was not designed to but the subtitles are kinda similar to what I need to accomplish...

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