Pretty new to video editing and Premiere Pro in general. Been looking everywhere for an answer to this and its driving me a bit nuts. Anytime I add in a sound effect on audio 2, the volume on audio 1 (the voice track) will automatically drop and slowly fade back up over 2 or 3 seconds. Not sure how or why this is happening. I'm not finding or seeing where to get rid of this. If the sound effect isn't present, audio 1 will play normally at a consistent volume level.

This also sometimes occurs if I have a moment of dead silence- when talking begins in the new clip, volume starts at approximately half, and slowly grows to full over 2-3 seconds.

Also this seems to only happen at the beginning of a video cut. If I add the sound to the middle of a larger clip, the volume will stay even throughout that clip. But, for instance if I make a transition screen that has a radio imaging sound effect, when it cuts to the next clip, there's the audio drop and slow fade up again. Help?!

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