I'm looking to understand how this person did their lighting setups, what kind of filters they used, and angle of view (35mm equivalent focal length).

From what I can see, there is a ring light and two flolights. Are those the only 3 lights?

What kind of filter did they use to achieve the ultra soft skin tones?

What kind of focal length (35mm equivalent) are they using for his field of view? girl

In the meantime, I found more pictures of the panels in question. Can anyone identify make and model?


  • Could you post a link to the video/image source? Maybe metadata can reveal something about the lens. – Geza Kerecsenyi Nov 5 '19 at 20:32

I doubt that the creator used a ring light, as you would definitely see the reflection of it in her eyes. The lights she used look like your regular Kinoflo or Kobalt. You could use frost, also called white diffusion in front of it to give softer light, but I don't think she used that either. Remember: The bigger the light source, the softer the light (and shadow). Kinoflos are very very big, and especially 4-Banks (flos with 4 tubes of light) give out very soft light on their own, which is why I assume she opted for this specific light.

Technically, her head is kind of disappearing into the dark tv-screen, since the hair and the display have a very similar color. To prevent this, you would usually set up a light on the opposite end of where your keylight points at. This way, you will have a nice bright edge around the back of the head, separating her from the background a bit more.

As so the lens it's very hard to tell, you'd have to go into pftrack and manually track the leading lines etc. However I assume that it's a lens way below 50mm, probably at about 20-25.

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