I'm not a pro when it comes to Premiere Pro and just wanted to cut a training video for my job (without bigger animations or something like this).

The finished video is displayed correctly in the preview. But as soon as I export it, or create a new partial sequence from the whole video, the following happens:

The individual clips move in their cutting, or in other words — at some points a few frames are removed at the front, and at the back a few additional frames are shown (the length etc. remains the same). This of course shifts the whole sound and I can see frames in the video that should not be visible.

  • I think you need to add a bit more info: what frame rate and format are the files you're bringing in? add a screen shot of the sequence settings, and tell us what frame rate and format the files are that you're exporting.
    – tomh
    Jul 1, 2019 at 8:08

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I don't use Premiere Pro, so I don't provide the step-by-step instruction, but I know the basis of your problem.

In your original (compressed) video they are so-called intra-frames (aka keyframes), which contains the full info about the particular frame, and other frames (inter-frames) which contain — simply said — only differences from the previous intra-frames.

enter image description here

In other words:

  • every intra-frame is independent of others frames, while
  • non-intra-frames are dependent on the nearest previous intra-frame
    (and — maybe — from other frames, too).

Let suppose there is 1 intra-frame every 10 seconds (i.e. at time stamps 0 s, 10 s, 20 s, etc.),
and the “other” frames are between them.

Now, you want to cut the 20 s video from the time 13 s (i.e. the range 13 s – 33 s).

The frame at the position 13 s is not an intra-frame — it needs the previous intra-frame (at position 10 s) to obtain the full picture.

So your software simply adds the 3 s part from 10 s in front of your request, and cuts-off the last 3 seconds. The result will be a clip in the range 10 s — 30 s.

But the situation is not so desperate. You have to force Adobe Premiere Pro to re-encode the 13 – 33 s part of original video, i.e. to first compute the frame at position 13 s, then mark it as intra-frame, and make subsequent frames dependent of this new intra-frame.


As I told, I don't know the exact answer. But you have to avoid enabling properties as “Direct Copy”, “Fast Copy”, “Without Re-encoding”, etc.


Change your export setting and use the "frame sampling" option.

  • Thanks for your comment, unfortunately I used it already and it isn't working...
    – orac
    Jun 3, 2019 at 6:31

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