Does Premiere have an equivalent to DaVinci Resolve's "Take Selector, or FCPX's "Auditions?" If so, what's it called? If not, are there any workarounds to quickly audition alternate takes on a PP timeline and have all of the other clips ripple responsively?


There might be a smarter method, but here's what I did:

When structuring your project, I recommend you use the bins in Premiere frequently. For example, as a structure, you could have:

  • Footage

    • psd
    • cam1

      • A001
      • A002
      • A003
      • A004

        • A1
        • A2
        • A2b
        • A3
        • B2

          • T1

            • ffsa7b2t1.mov
          • T2

            • ffsa7b2t2.mov
          • T3

            • ffsa7b2t3.mov
          • T4

            • ffsa7b2t4.mov
        • B3

        • A005

    • cam2

    • gopro
  • Solids

  • sequences

Using this structure of something similar might assure that you exchange or look at different takes without any hassle.

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