I'm currently trying to convert an audio and video stream to something visible inside a player such as VLC.
I get the video through TCP (I separate protocol headers from the manufacturer) and I have tried write the raw files it through C#. Then, those audio and video inputs (in raw) are put into an MP4 container via ffmpeg.
So far everything is perfect, but with this solution I have to wait for the video and audio to finish before I can join them.
I want a little more experience in real time, watching the video as the data are coming through TCP. But I understand that the FFMPEG entries are not dynamic, you have to have access to the file and then process it.
Is there any solution to this?

ffmpeg -i (dynamic audio && dynamic video) (parameters) output.mp4
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    Save to .ts.. – Gyan May 8 at 4:52
  • Mp4 is not “streamable” in that the file must be complete before it can be read. Other formats (like ts) do not have this limitation. – SlimSCSI May 8 at 15:55
  • Thanks for the answers. This means that if I generate outputs.ts, can my inputs be dynamic? – Estr May 8 at 19:27

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