Hi I have a video in After Effects that I want to add subtitles as text layers. Previously I have been typing them out manually. Does anyone know of a way to either automate the subtitling process or any ways to improve the efficiency.

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Updating this answer to include Premiere's very effective built-in transcription service:

Your best bet now is probably to finish your video in After Effects, then import it into Premiere, and transcribe it, then add captions, and export it.

If you still want to edit the transcribed text in After Effects, you can export the subtitles from Premiere as an .SRT file, and import them into After Effects, as explained below:

Other methods:

Assuming it's a video you are happy to make public, you could publish it through youtube and gather the subtitles from there as an .srt file.

Be aware that automatically generated subs tend to have mistakes in them.

You could manually make subtitles using a free tool like Aegisub

Or you could pay a fee to a company like 3playmedia to generate the subtitles for you.

Once you have the subs as an .srt file:

Then to apply them in After Effects as burnt-in text, you could use a tool like PT_importsubtitles to convert the .srt file to timed text layers.

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