With the GUI if you open any file it generates the .meta file and you can save it as a file and pass on for the batch scripts, etc.

It looks something like this

MUXOPT --no-pcr-on-video-pid --new-audio-pes --vbr  --cut-start=10000ms --vbv-len=500
V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC, "C:\file.m2ts", insertSEI, contSPS, track=4113
A_DTS, "C:\file.m2ts", track=4352, lang=eng
S_HDMV/PGS, "C:\file.m2ts", fps=23.976, track=4608, lang=eng

How do you skip the GUI part (don't use it) and generate the file with the command line version of TSMuxer?

All I found is that you have to manually set the .meta file by setting up each line for each stream, which makes no sense because you get this auto-generated for you with the GUI, but can't with command line?

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