I'm an amateur classical guitar player and very recently I decided to start creating videos to upload to YouTube. My first try was a disaster but it was ok I just got overly excited and created it without thinking much about it.

Now I want to do it quite more seriously. I have a Q2n-4K camera for that purpose and what I would like is to take different angles during the performance which, of course, would mean that I have to record the whole piece I'm playing several times and then cutting the pieces I want and putting them together, I don't know what the technical term for that would be, I thought it was editing but by googling that I only find that editing is adding visual elements like text, effects and that sort of things.

This poses several challenges:

  • How can I ensure that the audio will match since no matter how good I can be for sure there will be differences between all the recordings?
  • I was thinking of using the audio of the first recording to use as a guide for all the others but the camera would still pick up on both the original and the actual playing so how can I strip the audio off of the subsequent recordings?
  • I've looked for open source software to do this cutting and pasting the different sections but there are so many and I am not clear on which one(s) would be the best to fulfill these basic needs, that is simple to use, and that it has additional features that are commonly used. Any pointers and suggestions would definitely be appreciated.

As you can tell I am super new and amateur in this field; the learning started just last week so thank you for any kind of help.

  • How about doing one run as a close up shot of just your fingers working the strings and then using the audio from that to cut together the wide shots. At least then, whenever you cut to close ups it looks fully in sync, but when you exit to wide shots it's less noticeable that the audio is separate from the video. – Myles May 8 at 13:12

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