Good day everyone. Im making my babysteps into ffmpeg, and so far this tool has been really helpfull. Anyway. Im currently using this line as a convertion basis :

ffmpeg -i name.mov -c:v libx264 name.wav

But while searching through the question here i've seen that :

ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -vn -ar 44100 -ac 1 -b:a 32k -f mp3 audio.mp3

Or even this (a script) :

%%f in (*.mp4) do ffmpeg -i "%%f" -vn -ar 44100 -ac 1 -b:a 32k -f mp3 "%%~nf.mp3"

So now let's dive into it. Im wondering if i can merge the two first ones like that :

ffmpeg -i name.mov -vn -ar 48000 -ac 2 -b:a 32k libx264 -f wav name.wav

And how i can modify it by making it scripted. Also im wondering if the ffmpeg i got is good because i don't have a command prompt that directly open cmd into cd bin. As im forced to write everytime the entire path.

Thanks in advance. S'Aarum.


-vn + -c:v libx264 Does not make any sense. This is saying "Don't encode video, but use libx264 to encode no video."

You also can not set a bitrate for wav because it's a noncompressed format.

So your command becomes:

ffmpeg -i name.mov -vn -ar 48000 -ac 2 name.wav

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    -vn can be omitted for wav output, but it makes no difference. – llogan May 3 '19 at 18:08

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