I have a number of movie trailers from various sources: Web, youtube, DVD and Blu-Ray disks and I would like to prepend the MPAA rating to the beginning of each.

What I have:

  • Movie trailers that are .MKV files wide ranging formats and codecs inside.
  • A single PNG image of "The following feature has been rated..." (rating.png)
  • ffmpeg 4.0.4

What I would like to do:

  • Create a 10 sec video of rating.png with a quiet audio track (volume=0)
  • Prepend this 10 second video to the movie trailer (trailer.mkv)
  • Perform this operation without re-encoding.

I made many attempts with varying levels of success but was not able to get the job done. Would appreciate advice on how to get this done. I am not a ffmpeg expert so as many details as possible would be appreciated.

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    The video and audio stream attributes of the rating video has to match the file it is being appended to. So, for each unique type of trailer, you'll need to generate a version of the rating video. – Gyan Apr 20 at 5:40

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