I have a machine learning project to track a moving object (little beyond my expertise at the moment as I am a student) and I have been trying to figure out how to do the two tasks below using R-Studio:

1) How to pick out frames from the video based on a start and end index?

2) How to draw a rectangular box around the object when a user clicks on it?

Yesterday, I decided to use FFmpeg and it's not working. See my R-studio code below, it doesn't give any errors neither does it provide any outputs.

install.ffmpeg() ffmpeg - i SampleVideo_360x240_1mb.mp4 -ss 2 -t 5 -vcodec copy - acodec copy testvideo.mp4

ffmpeg - ss 2 -t 5 - i SampleVideo_360x240_1mb.mp4 testvideo.mp4

ffmpeg -i SampleVideo_360x240_1mb.mp4 -vf select = 'between (x,y)' farmes%testvideo.mp4

If anyone has quick guidance it will be greatly appreciated.

  • You're not giving us much to work with here. So none of the ffmpeg commands work? No errors? Show the complete log from each ffmpeg process. Or does the ffmpeg command not get executed? It appears you're running the commands via some scripting or code. Do they work if you try the same commands in a command-line interface: manually, without any scripting? – llogan Apr 18 at 16:41

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