We have a 3 webcam setup, and a desk microphone. Each camera is recorded separately, and in post we are trying to show all 3 cameras at the same time, but use the audio from the desk mic for the final product (since it's better quality than the webcam mics). However I am seeing this the following scenario:

Beginning beginning

Middle middle

End enter image description here

Is there anyway (inside Adobe Premiere Pro, or another application) to automatically/smartly sync these tracks? The green track is what we want to use and mute the others (as they're just there to help sync with the video). The audio isn't off by just some offset (the pictures below are after I have ran the synchronize feature in Adobe PP), but instead vary throughout the production. In the beginning the main mic is slower than the cameras, middle it is faster, and in the end it is slower again.

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    This video will give you three ways to sync your audio: youtu.be/4OKiDPjj1Ms?t=70 I recommend manual syncing in your situation. If you still want to go for automatic, try using PluralEyes and see what you get. – CyanideBaby Apr 18 '19 at 13:04

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