We need to stream crowded outdoor events live.
The camera will be still and shooting.
We cannot use computer of any kind and no wires except a plug for a 4G Wifi Router if needed.

We don't need more than 720p Livestream but we need at least 1080p of that material to be stored locally for possible editing afterwards.
Additionally we need to shoot decent quality still images from the same point at the same time(and those to be sent to a cloud service) or if that is not possible using another camera standing by.

So we need a camera that can be controlled wirelessly send the live stream (preferably to YouTube) without use of a computer and (another ?) camera for still photography to be uploaded automatically to a cloud service.

I came along the Canon EOS 80D with Irista but I'm sure that this camera has those capabilities (maybe just the second part is covered, shoot decent stills wirelessly and uploads to a cloud).

Any advise is highly appreciated.
Kind regards.

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