I am nearly a total beginner when it comes to this field, so sorry if this is a basic question.

I am looking for an easy to use tool that analysts can use when watching short videos. They will be watching many short ~2 minute videos and I need them to be able to mark time-based notations on the videos of when many different types of common things start happening and when they stop happening. They don't need anything flashy, just something simple and easy to use.

Two example programs I know of that used to do this very well are Anvil (http://www.anvil-software.org) and Elan (https://tla.mpi.nl/tools/tla-tools/elan/). But both of these tools are old and I've been having major headaches trying to get them to work in a stable way on modern computers. I am hoping to find something that is still supported. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

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