If I have a full RGB Scene A, a full RGB Scene B, and a video file that provides a 'stinger' transition called Breaking News that wipes across the screen.

Shows a stinger transition compositing 2 different scenes, live

How can I live composite (or implement live composition) in streaming / broadcasting software? (Assuming that the original scenes do not move, and would be a simple fade without the custom transition)

What is the terminology for the file type / codec that 'Breaking News' would have to use? Does it exist?

E.g. (thinking experimentally, without the experience to know the industry) You could encode 'Breaking News' as an RGBA video, but that would only have the required information for overlay, not transitioning between 2 scenes, so you would either need an additional channel of information, RGBAb or split A from say, 0-255 to 0-127 being Scene A, and 128-255 being Scene B.

Current implementations I've seen require a full screen 'breaking news' at some frame, and a marker for when the scenes swap.

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