I am recording a live stream to .ts file. But when I run this file through ffmpeg using

ffmpeg -i myRecordedFile.ts

it gives me wrong start time which is way out of the range. For example, my file's duration is 45 minutes but ffmpeg returns start 18910.272911

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Is there a way to change the start value of a video file?

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FFmpeg is simply telling you the starting timestamp as parsed from the input. MPEG-TS is a transport stream format, used to convey television broadcasts..etc, having no global header, and can be sliced at ~arbitrary points. There are timestamp packets (PCR) at regular intervals, and ffmpeg is showing you the timestamp of the earliest packet.

If you want your TS to have a start time of 0, you'll have to remux it.

ffmpeg -i myRecordedFile.ts -map 0 -c copy -muxpreload 0 -muxdelay 0 newFile.ts

..but this is unnecessary.

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    I think ffmpeg will make the starting timestamp 0 even without -map and the mux* options, at least for single audio streams, unless you use -copyts.
    – jarno
    Oct 8, 2020 at 20:30

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