In iMovie, I see that I can choose a static, solid background color in the Backgrounds list:

enter image description here

However, there are only 8 solid background options to choose from: black, white, green, blue, gray, tan, orange, and red.

If I want a background color with a custom color (e.g. custom hex color, or purple, for example), how do I add one?

I was hoping I could add a video effect that changes the hue of a clip so I could even use one of the fancier background such as "Underwater" but when I tried choosing something like a solid Green background and changing the hue via "Color Correction", I saw only 3 sliders:

enter image description here

These control:

  • Shadows/Contrast/Brightness/Contrast/Highlights
  • Saturation
  • Temperature

None of these allow me to control the hue of the clip.

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