I'm now learning about H264, And because the standard (ITU-T), is not easy to understand, and I want some "extra" materials, and I thought about ffmpeg and trying to look at the stram. So, I have this command:

ffmpeg -i -c:v copy -an -sn output.h264

which gives me the stream, It helped, But I need a bit more, so I saw this post: Print to file: Details of every NAL unit in raw H.264 file

And it looks like something I can use:

ffmpeg -i in.264 -c copy -bsf:v trace_headers -f null - 2> NALUS.txt

But I'm getting this error again and again..:

Unknown bitstream filter trace_headers

I'll be happy if someone can help me understand where this error is coming from, other ways to parse and understand h264 bitstream structure, and generally more ways to learn this standard.

Thanks a lot!

  • Upgrade ffmpeg to 4.0 or newer. – Gyan Mar 23 at 14:16

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