I am trying to generate a high quality VR video to upload to youtube and watch with an Oculus Go. The issue I have is that no matter the quality of the upload the output on youtube seems very compressed and unwatchable. This is a link to the video.

Workflow to get this point is:

  1. Export video from RiScan Pro as a .avi (proprietary software for registering laser scan data). I did this at the suggested resolution for youtube of 7168 x 3584 and 24 fps.
  2. Using ffmpeg stitch .avi's together to create a .mp4. I did this in a way as not to lose quality (file size >10 gb). .mp4 is required in the next step.
  3. Inject spatial metadata using the 360 Video Metadata app so as to create 360 video.
  4. Upload to youtube

Other VR videos available on youtube are incredible quality and I can watch them on my Go e.g. I don't think it's a bandwidth issue.

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