I'm looking for setup that I can use to record field sports (like soccer) unattended, for coaching/review purposes.

Currently I'm using a Chinese GoPro knockoff mounted to a tall fence, however the 170degree lens is not wide enough to capture the whole field because the fence is too close to the field.

I'm considering a 360 camera like the Insta360 One X, but it seems like an inefficient use of money if I only need a single ~200 degrees lens. I'm also not going to need many of the `action cam features' like image stabilization.

Anyone have any setup or specific camera suggestions? I'd like to stay under $500. I also considered using two Chinese GoPro knockoffs but from looking at other questions on this site it seemed like too much work to stitch them together in post.

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While not officially supported, it is not difficult to replace the lens in a GoPro knock-off. The lenses in these action cameras are using a M12 mount and can be replaced. So: you could try to replace the lens as a first step. Depending on what you are looking for in the video, details may become too small and two cameras would be a better option.

I have done this myself with two cameras but replaced the lens with a lens that has a narrower focus. The lens costs less than 20 USD/EUR/GBP.


When it comes to capturing the sport only for reviewing purposes, it should be the most affordable idea to mount two cheap, wide-angle (around 20mm) camera to each goal. You shouldn't go overboard with wider lenses though, because although you see a wider range, the center point will get further away the wider your lens gets. So, buying two ~200$ gopro-knockoffs and putting them at each end of the playing-field.

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