I'm curious what video filters and render settings should be used and considered for improving the image quality of hand-drawn (animated) frames.

If I apply edits to a movie/images of this type (let's say its 720p, and a fairly modern release), what render settings should I be using in ffmpeg to improve image quality of the final output? Consider as well if I need to upscale to 1080p or 4k.

Let's assume I set a decent crf value (~18) and the bit depth is set for 10.

I've gone through the filters documentation previously and picked out:
unsharp; brightness/contrast; scale;
nlmeans I've spent some time with but it seems to only really be useful for removing the fuzz on old animation;
I noticed in render settings there is an animation preset, but its never worked when I try it. Some of the others work though. used it like "-tune animation". I'm unsure what visual change it instills if any or how to get it to work.

use -tune to change settings based upon the specifics of your input. Current tunings include: animation – good for cartoons; uses higher deblocking and more reference frames

Is there anything else I should be considering? I notice there's a program called waifu2x that specializes in this. I was curious what the difference if any there would be between this waifu2x and what can be done in ffmpeg. waifu2x lists a noise reduction and upscale feature....would that be no different than pairing scale with denoise in ffmpeg? Denoise in ffmpeg had some noticeable side effects with destruction of detail or blurring when i used it and messed with the settings.

Usually what can be done in other programs can already be done in ffmpeg, so I'm just wondering what else I'm missing.

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