can I put information of mask tracker to another object's position??


can I do parent other object to other object masked by mask tracker??

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So that's two questions.

1: You sure can _put information of mask tracker to another object's position.

what information are you talking about?

2: Yes.


1. In recent versions (2018+) of AE you can access the mask vertices through expressions using the points() function or the pointOnPath() function that is available for all path objects.

The points() function returns an array of all the path vertices, so you need to use the square brackets to designate which member of the array you want, for example :

thisComp.layer("my masked layer").mask("my tracked mask 1").points(t = time)[5]

would give you the sixth (counting starts at zero) point on the mask, in layer coordinates (so the position is given relative to that layer). t=time is the default and is optional, you can set it to return the value from another time e.g. t=time-someLayer.inpoint.

Or to find a point along the path, not just a vertex:

thisComp.layer("my masked layer").mask("my tracked mask 1").pointOnPath(percentage = 0.5, t = time)

would return the half way point on a mask.

Tangent handles are also available for expressions.

Adobe's documentation is available here, should you wish to RTFM

2. Not quite sure what the second part of your question is asking.

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