I am currently figguring out which gimbal I should use for my BMPCC4k with SIGMA 18-35 in a TILTA cage and SSD recording.

I sorted it down to Ronin M, S or Zhiyun Crane 2 but am stuck here.

The things I figured out/think about them:

Ronin M: +Most ways to hold it, most max weight. -Not so much space to balance and handle cables

Ronin S: +Reputable brand +Better interface +Barrel roll +Slightly more payload

Zhiyun Crane 2: +Cheaper +Follow Focus (Which I don't need) +Slightly more pitch (I don't think thats needed) - Slower turning +Longer battery -Seen some jittering in Potato Jets Videos

It looks like the Ronin S is the best match for BMPCC4k, but is it worth the 120$ more? (For me it is 699$ vs 579$)



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